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Riverside, California has become well-known for its affordable cost of living, thriving economy, delightful climate, picturesque hills and valleys, and prime location nestled between the beach and the mountains. For those seeking a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of city life, Riverside offers a charming countryside experience. As a resident of Riverside, you’re within just 50 miles of both towering 12,000-foot mountains and some of the most stunning Pacific Ocean beaches. Pure Cannalyst Labs is thrilled and honored to be a part of this vibrant city, fully embracing all that it has to offer, while also playing a role in ensuring that the community can safely enjoy cannabis.

A Little History About Riverside, California

The area was originally inhabited by the Cahuilla and Serrano people during the late 1700s and early 1800s. In the first half of the 19th century, ranches were established in the region by Bernardo Yorba and Juan Bandini. Riverside was founded in 1870 and named after its proximity to the Santa Ana River. Later, it was designated as the county seat when Riverside County was established in 1893.

Exciting And Fun Things To Do

Riverside provides a plethora of thrilling activities to partake in, including:

  • Mount Rubidoux Park

  • March Field Air Museum

  • Mission Inn Museum

  • California Citrus State Historic Park

  • Lake Hemet

  • Fox Performing Arts Center

  • Riverside Art Museum

  • Hiking

The Community Of Riverside Trusts Pure Cannalyst Labs For:

Pesticide Screening

It is important to have your cannabis checked for pesticides. Pure Cannalyst Labs offers a pesticide screening service that can identify up to 66 different pesticides that may be present on your cannabis. Some of the most commonly found pesticides are harmful to human health. By having your cannabis tested, you can make an informed decision about what to do with it based on the results of the screening. This will give you a better understanding of what pesticides may be present and how they could potentially affect your cannabis.

Potency Testing

To make sure that your cannabis product in Riverside, California is accurately labeled and of high quality, it’s crucial to have it tested for its potency. Potency refers to the concentration of a specific chemical in the product, which in the case of cannabis, is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The higher the percentage of THC, the more potent the product. Pure Cannalyst Labs offers testing services for 11 different cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, and CBN, to ensure that your product meets the desired potency levels and that your customers receive what they paid for.

Testing For Residual Solvents

Residual solvents are chemicals that are used during the production of cannabis products, and they can remain in the final product. Residual solvents like butane, propane, and other volatile compounds are not only very dangerous for consumers—they also affect the taste, smell, and quality of your cannabis.

At Pure Cannalyst Labs, we test for 22 different residual solvent compounds that may be present in your cannabis products.

Testing For Heavy Metals

If you’re selling cannabis in Riverside, California, it’s crucial to have it tested for heavy metals beforehand. These substances can be extremely harmful to human health and can even be deadly in high doses. Ingesting cannabis contaminated with heavy metals can lead to serious long-term health issues like cancer, neurological damage, and kidney failure.

Since cannabis is typically grown in soil that may contain heavy metals, it’s important to ensure that the final product is safe for consumption. Pure Cannalyst Labs offers a specialized metal testing service that can help you make sure your cannabis is free of harmful contaminants.

Testing For Terpenes

Having your cannabis tested for terpenes is an important part of the process of selling cannabis. Terpenes are the chemical components of cannabis that give each strain its unique scent and flavor profile. By testing for terpenes, you can ensure that you are selling a quality product that is both safe for consumption and pleasing to the customer’s taste buds.

Testing For Moisture Content

Having your cannabis tested for its moisture content is important. The more moisture content the cannabis has, the more susceptible it is to microbial growth and can determine its shelf life.

It’s important to understand what moisture content is and why it matters so much when selling cannabis in Riverside, California.

Testing For Potency Homogeneity

To meet consumer demand for a reliable and secure cannabis experience, it’s crucial to have your cannabis tested for Potency Homogeneity. This refers to the consistency of the cannabinoid content in each batch of your product, and it plays a critical role in ensuring consumer safety. Selling cannabis with low potency homogeneity can result in unpredictable dosages, leading to an inconsistent experience for your customers.

Testing for Microbiological Contaminants   

Ensuring cannabis safety involves conducting microbial testing, which is a crucial aspect. This testing is carried out to guarantee that the cannabis products are devoid of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that can lead to illnesses or diseases in humans. By conducting microbial testing on your cannabis, you can be confident that the product you are selling is safe for your customers to consume. This, in turn, can help expand your customer base and foster brand loyalty.

Testing For Mycotoxins

As you already know, ensuring the safety of cannabis products is very important. To achieve this, one effective measure is to conduct mycotoxin testing, which detects toxic substances that fungi may release when they grow on crops like cannabis. Mycotoxins can cause various harmful effects on humans, ranging from minor gastrointestinal discomfort to cancer. By performing a thorough mycotoxin test, we can determine whether your cannabis crop contains any mycotoxins and at what levels, thus enabling you to assess its safety for consumption.

Testing For Water Activity

Water activity refers to the amount of water accessible to microorganisms present in a substance. Understanding the water activity of your cannabis is crucial since it can influence the longevity of your product and its effects on consumers. A higher water activity means a greater possibility of microbial growth, whereas a lower water activity means a reduced possibility of microbial growth and a longer, more dependable shelf life.

Our lab provides a range of testing services to ensure that cannabis products are safe and of high quality for consumers. We offer pesticide screening, potency testing, residual solvent testing, heavy metal testing, terpene testing, moisture content testing, potency homogeneity testing, microbial testing, mycotoxin testing, and water activity testing. 

Each of these tests plays a critical role in ensuring that cannabis products are safe for consumption and meet the desired quality standards. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for considering Pure Cannalyst Labs for your cannabis testing needs!

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