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Potency Homogeneity

About Potency Homogeneity

When a cannabis item has components that are evenly distributed, it is known as a homogeneous product. The purpose of homogeneity testing is to verify the evenly distributed potency of cannabinoid-infused consumable items and ensure that there is no excessive concentration of phytocannabinoids in any one part of the product, particularly with THC. This testing is crucial for user safety and satisfaction, guaranteeing that they receive consistent and accurate measures and dosages every time they consume the product.

The Science

To determine the appropriate number of individual potency tests, we take into consideration the number of servings per package. We randomly select servings from the package, separate them, homogenize them, and prepare them for analysis. These selected individual servings then undergo a potency test using the UHPLC-UV method (Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography with UV detection). Afterward, statistical analyses are conducted using the data obtained from these tests.

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