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About HLVD

HLVd is a small, circular RNA pathogen (genetic material) that infects cannabis plants and is often compared to COVID-19 for its potential to spread quickly and devastate entire crops. Viroids are much simpler than a typical virus and lack a protective protein layer. They must rely on the host plant (Cannabis) to replicate and spread through various modes of contact transmission. Due to their stability and heartiness in various environments, they are a powerful threat to plant health and have the ability to wipe out entire crops.

The Science

Molecular testing (a test that detects the presence of DNA/RNA) is the only test that has been found to detect HLVd and all viroids. PCR is a common molecular test that is the most sensitive and accurate method of testing and can provide both diagnostic and approximate viroid levels. This testing can assist with management decisions about crops and actions necessary to eradicate HLVd. Although there are other classic versions of molecular tests, industry experts have found the PCR test to be the most sensitive and produce the most accurate and reliable results.

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