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About Mycotoxins

Mold and fungus, particularly Aspergillus, create mycotoxins, which are toxic compounds that can cause mycotoxicosis when animals or humans breathe them in or consume them. Mycotoxicosis has been linked to various illnesses, such as nephropathy, various types of cancer, alimentary toxic aleukia, liver problems, immune and neurological disorders, and several bleeding syndromes.

The Science

To ensure freedom from these toxins we test using state of the art LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry).

We Test for 5 Harmful Mycotoxins:

  • Aflatoxin B1
  • Aflatoxin B2
  • Aflatoxin G1
  • Aflatoxin G2
  • Ochratoxin A
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