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Moisture Content

About Moisture Content

The moisture content of a cannabis flower refers to the amount of water present. It is commonly used to determine when the flower has finished drying after being harvested. The moisture content is a crucial factor in assessing the readiness of dried and cured cannabis for smoking. If there is an excess of moisture, the cannabis won’t burn properly and will have an unpleasant taste. Additionally, a higher moisture content indicates a higher risk of microbial growth. Testing the moisture content provides insight into the likelihood of such growth occurring, referred to as microbial viability. This information is vital in determining the shelf-life and safety of the cannabis flower or product.

The Science

To determine the moisture content of a substance, a moisture analyzer can be utilized. For the case of cured cannabis flowers, it is recommended to maintain a moisture content of less than 13%. Ideally, the moisture range should be between 10-12%.

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