Cannabis Testing Lab

A lot of time and effort goes into growing premium cannabis. Each step along the way, from seed to harvest, has to be perfect if you expect to stand out amongst your competitors.

One of the best ways to showcase your efforts and the quality of your product is to have your weed tested, but that’s far from the final step. Once your results have returned from our cannabis testing lab in Irvine, you’ve got to store your cannabis properly.

There are a few easily avoided mistakes you should know about to avoid disaster. Read on to find out more.

Cannabis Storage

The quality of cannabis depends on the cumulative effect of many different factors. Depending on the steps taken along the way, from germination through harvest, it’s possible to greatly influence the final product. Unfortunately, when it comes to “best practices” concerning cannabis production, much of the information available is both fervent and conflicting.

Within the cannabis growing scene, hobbyists and professionals alike all seem to have differing opinions on how it should be done. It’s not uncommon for enthusiastic growers to swear by esoteric or confusing practices that may or may not be beneficial in reality. Opinions concerning methods of storage are no different, but there are some generally accepted rules of thumb to follow to ensure your weed isn’t ruined in the process.

If you’re curious, it’s always worth doing a little research to hear both sides. You don’t need a cannabis testing lab in Orange County to answer the question “Does weed go bad?” All you need are improper storage methods and you’ll quickly see for yourself.

Storing cannabis products isn’t as simple as drying them and shoving them in a drawer. As it turns out, the method used for drying and storing is, in itself, something of an art, and accounts for a large portion of the quality of the finished product. If you want to store cannabis properly, the first step is knowing how to dry it.

Patience Is a Virtue

It’s completely understandable to feel excited when a cannabis plant is ready for harvest. Finally, after months of diligent care, the fruits of your labor are ready to be plucked and enjoyed, or so you might think before doing a little research on the topic. In actuality, it’s not as simple as drying your flowers so they’re smokable; the process is somewhat more complicated than that.

Fresh cannabis contains a lot of moisture that must be removed before it’s ready to be stored, but that’s only half the battle. For an enjoyable smoke and a product ready to be used in other cannabis products, the chlorophyll within must be broken down gradually. If this step is skipped and the weed is dried too quickly, the result is a harsh smoke that tastes and smells like lawn clippings.

Rather than rushing the process, cannabis that has undergone a gradual curing process as it dries is a far superior product in both taste, appearance, and effect. Getting cannabis ready for storage requires a dark room with temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and ideally a humidity range of between 50 and 60 percent. These numbers are generally agreed upon, but as always with cannabis production, there are outlying ideas concerning extremes you may also want to consider.

These numbers are also quite specific, and you might not have the equipment to control temperature and humidity. In this case, do your best with a dark space and have patience. Rushing the drying process will degrade flavor terpenes and cannabinoids. Try to let your plants hang for at least a full week with a fan blowing indirectly to keep the air moving to avoid mold growth.

Storing and Curing

Once you’re satisfied that your cannabis is dry enough to store, it’s time to do so. Don’t leave your cannabis to dry for longer than necessary, as a completely bone-dry flower isn’t ideal for the curing process. A little moisture must be left so that the curing process can continue while the weed is in storage.

Glass jars are among the most popular storage solutions for curing cannabis because they’re air-tight, reusable, and aesthetically pleasing. A line of glass jars filled with the buds you’ve so carefully coaxed from seed to flower is truly a sight to see. This is perhaps the one point that all growers can agree on.

Despite their timeless look and practicality, glass jars aren’t a perfect solution if you can’t store them somewhere in total darkness. The chemicals and terpenes you’ve worked so hard for will be broken down by prolonged sun exposure, so keeping your buds out of the sun is a must.

It’s also important to “burp” the jars at least once a day for the first week or so. This process allows for a more gradual cure and prevents a buildup of moisture as the buds dry. Failure to freshen the jars like this will almost certainly result in mold growth, which will destroy all your hard work.

You may even want to consider the addition of two-way humidity control packets inside each jar. These packets ensure the internal humidity stays at an ideal constant, and different types are available depending on the humidity desired. This precaution prevents mold while maintaining optimal conditions for curing, a cost-effective strategy sworn upon by many growers.

Your Cannabis Testing Lab in Orange County

Whether you’re a hobbyist or the owner of a large growing operation who’s looking for a professional cannabis testing lab in Orange County, you can count on us at Pure Cannalyst Labs.

The cannabis industry has a lot of hoops to jump through before you can market your product. We’ve seen it all over the years and appreciate how changing legislation and test requirements can often feel overwhelming. With over 20 years of experience in cannabis testing and agricultural science, we know exactly what’s required.

If you have any questions regarding our process or services, don’t hesitate to reach out.